Durable Over-the-Rhine?

From Human Transit blog

durable urbanism

Blog post from Human Transit posted today

Planners and preservationists talk a lot about sustainability. Unfortunately, the word has been thrown around so much, that its meaning has become muddied and lost. The buzz-word curse has turned sustainability from a worthwhile goal/process to a word that incites eye-rolling sighs from many. Taking a page from the Human Transit blog, why don’t we change it to durability?

What kind of implications would this have for OTR? Would we have more buy in trying to make a durable OTR as compared to a sustainable OTR? To me, a durable OTR implies strength, improvement, and investment; sustainable implies maintaining.

This is certainly an interesting study of the power of words. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Durable Over-the-Rhine?”
  1. Ryan L says:

    I am not opposed to the word “sustainability”, but I think that durable would have a much better presence in politics. If you mention sustainability to conservative politicians, they roll their eyes and immediately vote against it. When proposing legislation, I think durable would encourage bipartisan support better than sustainable.

    • OTR Matters says:

      Interesting analysis of the perception of language. Sustainability seems to be a popular word on both sides of the aisle depending on its usage. Sustainability, as its widely known, refers to the environment but recently there has been much talk of “economic sustainability” ie “our government debt/spending/etc” is unsustainable.

      Language is important, but it’s more important to make sense. In a society where everything is a political statement, there is little room for community to flourish.

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