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One of my main reasons for getting involved with this blog was to provide increased awareness of the properties that are available to rent, lease, or own in Over-the-Rhine. My girlfriend and I are currently hunting for an apartment in which to live in OTR when we move in July or August. A major challenge thus far has been finding a good resource to use to look for apartments. We scour Craigslist, Twitter, rent.com, and other sites and spend a great deal of time doing it.

Living near UC, its much easier to find apartments because there are so many rental companies and they advertise so much. That isn’t as much the case in OTR. While there are a lot of apartments (and storefronts) available, its hard to find them. So the solution seems to be to aggregate all the available properties in to one central website to serve as a type of one-stop-shop for people wanting to live or work in OTR. We’ve compiled quite a few properties already, and they can be viewed by clicking “Available Properties” on the menu banner above.

We want MORE LISTINGS! If you have an apartment, condo, building, storefront, or land available for rent, lease or sale, please email OTRproperties@gmail.com. Please also indicate contact information, property details, price, and any other pertinent information.

We hope that this site increases the accessibility of OTR, encourages more people to live or work here, and increases the neighborhoods populations and reputation.

2 Responses to “OTR Properties”
  1. John says:

    I a looking for apartments for rent and am sick of weeding through craigslist posts that read “just minutes to downtown” when I searcj “downtown.”

    Is there a lack of rentals? I would imagine there would be plenty, but where do I find them?

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