Shoe Repair on Vine Street in the Gateway Quarter

The sign above the door reads “Shoe Repair: Impressions that last”. I like that.

Photo from 5chw4r7z who blogs, tweets and shoots great photos. This photo was originally posted in this blog post.

Shoe Repair at 1344 Vine Street, photo by 5chw4r7z

5 Responses to “Shoe Repair on Vine Street in the Gateway Quarter”
  1. sidd finch says:

    gah! i wish this had been around when i lived in otr, wouldn’t have had to take my shoes all the way to mt. lookout.

  2. Chrissy says:

    Please place a contact number

  3. Mitch Ruth says:

    he cleans hats too!

  4. kioskguy says:

    He did a great job repairing my leather belt. $7 repair bill.

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