The telos and techne of the OTR blog

When employing rarely used words, it is common to define them. So, without delving too deeply into freshman level philosophy, telos and techne are terms from philosophy. Telos is “that for the sake of which” according to Aristotle, while techne is “the rational method involved in producing an object or accomplishing a goal or objective” according to that modern Aristotle, Wikipedia. The following may help explain the goal and rational involved in achieving the goal of this blog.

Rob, the other (and currently only) co-author of this blog, reminded me of this blog’s origins the other day with his post “OTR Properties

Here’s how I remember it. It all began with Google. On January 26, the Google LatLong blog announced the retirement real estate listings on Google Maps. The next day I saw a tweet from @rob_jaques in reply to a tweet from @UrbanSitesOTR. I replied with a reference to the retirement of Google real estate and the previously expressed need for an available properties inventory in OTR.

Collaboration via Twitter

That sparked the following twitter-convo:

Origins of this blog

And that’s where the blog really came started. Rob and I chatted and put this ramshackle blog together.

On a weekly basis it seems, we learn of newly renovated (and sold out) rentals or recently acquired residential buildings in OTR. The supply and demand of OTR real estate is an interesting thing to watch from afar especially in this real estate market. Put simply, the demand for OTR is strong. And part of this blog’s mission is to connect people interested in OTR with spaces in OTR.

Rob finished his very good post in this very good way:

We want MORE LISTINGS! If you have an apartment, condo, building, storefront, or land available for rent, lease or sale, please email Please also indicate contact information, property details, price, and any other pertinent information.

We hope that this site increases the accessibility of OTR, encourages more people to live or work here, and increases the neighborhoods populations and reputation.

So if you know of real estate or someone who has real estate in OTR, let us know!


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