Saving St. Paulus Kirche

St. Paulus Kirche is the oldest Protestant church in the city of Cincinnati. It stands at the corner of Race and 15th streets in Over-the-Rhine. 3CDC has partnered with the city to stabilize and save the historic church.

St. Paulus Kirche in better days

CityKin has some photos of the landmark taken before the remnants of Hurricane Ike further damaged the structure.

This week, 3CDC has moved in to stabilize and, prayerfully, save the church.

Thanks to photographer and OTR resident James Jenkins for sharing his photos:

photo by James Jenkins

photo by James Jenkins

3 Responses to “Saving St. Paulus Kirche”
  1. CincyCapell says:

    Do you have any idea what kind of condition the church’s interior is in?

  2. OTR Matters says:

    We truly have no idea. Very few people have toured it due to the state of the roof. This stabilization will make the structure safe for tours.

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