Washington Park Time Warp

Washington Park is undergoing a major renovation that will expand the park to the entire area block bounded by Elm, Race, 12th, and 14th streets and will include an underground parking garage under a new civic lawn on the park’s south side.

The photo below was taken by neighborhood resident Richard Calkins on January 31, 2011. Here is how he describes the remarkable shot:

Shot this afternoon with early 1950’s Carl Zeiss Contaflex I on Efke 50 ASA 35mm film. Efke is makes film in Croatia the same way they did in 1950. Hand held f11 @ 1/40 second.

Washington Park construction looking east from Music Hall, photo by Richard Calkins

Here is a photo of the park’s construction work approximately one month after the first shot was taken:


Washington Park underground garage looking west toward Music Hall

For weekly updates on the park’s construction, go HERE and for photo updates go HERE.

True to this post’s title, here is a step back in time (from 1904 to be exact):

Sanborn insurance map showing Washington Park in the early 20th century

Here is a map rendering of the future Washington Park followed by other renderings 3CDC:

Map of expanded Washington Park

3 Responses to “Washington Park Time Warp”
  1. Mike says:

    I would like to have those 34 buildings back that were demolished to build the school…

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