Before & After: Hamer Street

This photo comes by way of Ohio Memory which is a collaborative project of the Ohio Historical Society and the State Library of Ohio. The photo description is as follows: “This photograph shows a grocery store at the junction of Hamer, Back and Benton Street, near Jackson Hill Park, north of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.” The photo is part of the Ohio Guide collection created by the Ohio Federal Writers’ Project from the days of the WPA.

For more information about this photo and access to a high resolution version of this photo, go HERE.

Hamer and Back Streets - Cinci., O., Sept. 1937

The photo above was taken from the sidewalk in front of 1667 Hamer Street (which was recently adopted through OTR ADOPT). Here is this intersection today, photo courtesy of OTR ADOPT:

view from 1667 Hamer Street

A couple buildings that were adopted through OTR ADOPT are nearby and so is 1700 Vine Street. Check them out on this Google map:

4 Responses to “Before & After: Hamer Street”
  1. Thadd Fiala says:

    What an amazing old photo. Great stuff.

  2. pat davidson says:

    we lived on hamer 1959 and 1960 it looked like the old black white pic

    • Pat, when was the last time you were in the neighborhood?

      • pat davidson says:

        last summer we drove around i lived in otr till1978 moved from green and race took me a long time to get used to the suburbs i still miss living there is cohen shoe store still on race at findley market

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