Guest Post: The Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map

The following post was written by Nathan Wessel, creator of the Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map.  Nathan’s map serves the entire Cincinnati region but he wrote this post specifically for those interested in Over-the-Rhine.

To learn more about this project and support it, visit Nathan’s video pitch on Kickstarter HERE.

You can view the latest version of the map here: front & back

Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map by Nathan Wessel

Over-the-Rhine needs transit-and it largely has it. The problem is that most people who are new to the neighborhood or the city have no idea how it works or where they can go. For years, SORTA hasn’t had the money to properly advertise their services. Maps are only available in isolation from any context on schedules that are hard to get a hold of, or on a convoluted system map that only exists on the internet.

I have spent the better part of the last year developing a system map that highlights frequent service-the lines that riders with choice will take-in an effort to increase the system’s legibility to current and potential riders. An attractive map that highlights good service could help to radically reshape the way people in Cincinnati think about their transportation options, and brings tons of new people into neighborhoods that they now don’t even think of visiting without dragging cumbersome and polluting cars with them.

The goal is to have the map printed in a convenient and portable form like maps in other cities and available to potential riders, including university students, professionals, and others who are likely to patronize Cincinnati’s neighbourhoods. Many of these people would gladly take the bus if they knew where it went, and could tell how long they could expect to wait. This map will tell them just that!

Donations will pay for a distribution of tens of thousands of maps into the region. With current price estimates, a 20 dollar donation can print 500 maps!

That’s 500 people viewing Cincinnati’s transit system in a new way for just 20 dollars.

Donate now 🙂

6 Responses to “Guest Post: The Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map”
  1. patty williams says:

    This is outstanding! I would take the bus if I could understand the routes or thier schedules. Never could.
    I need a map from this brillant guy.

  2. Dustin Clark says:

    This is great! FYI: The article’s Transit Map is the outdated, first version. Could you please post the newest version within the article, the version that one sees following the hyperlink? There is no doubt the newest version is much sleeker and easier to read, and this would avoid any confusion.

  3. Felipe Morales-Torres says:

    This is an outstanding concept and design!

    My one complaint is that there is a teeny smidge of gender bias in the tips section where it says “Talk to your driver.” While many drivers are female, there are a good number of male drivers, so you may want to reword the blurb so that it doesn’t imply that all drivers are women. Suggestion: “Your driver knows the route well…” Eliminate gender-specific terminology altogether! 🙂

    Love everything else; fantastic work!

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