Vine Street today

Here is Vine Street as it looks today. The four city blocks visible in this photo used to be abandoned, neglected and deteriorating. Now, they’re restored and several large infill projects have replaced unsightly lots and structures.

Thanks to photographer James Jenkins for sharing his work. View his more of his photos on flickr and carbonmade

Vine Street looking south

3 Responses to “Vine Street today”
  1. Patty Williams says:

    Fabulous! Does anybody have some before pics lest we forget?

  2. The Parvis Lofts project is probably the most impressive development effort to-date. It was the most northern development effort so far, and included 52 rental units which filled up in just ten short weeks. The buildings renovated to house these new residents were bombed out before and hurt the area’s property values and did not contribute much to the purchasing power of the neighborhood.

    These new residents will inject new customers to the Kroger grocery store across the street and add new streetlife to an area of the neighborhood that desperately needed it.

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