TRAC Pulls $52 million for Cincinnati Streetcar

Following the public hearing portion of the TRAC Meeting today, the committee voted 6-1* to approve a spending plan the strips nearly $52 million in Federal-State pass-through funds which were originally planned to go to the streetcar.

Speaking against the streetcar project were three people – Chris Finney of COAST, Tom Luken’s daughter, and Tom Luken neighbor – who argued that the city would be left with the operating costs of the project and that the people of Cincinnati do not want it. For the project were ten people, including Mayor Mallory and Councilwomen Qualls and Quilivan in addition to a representative of UC Student Government, Christ Hospital, Sibcy Cline, and the University of Cincinnati, all of whom extolled the economic potential and demand for the Streetcar. The representative from Christ Hospital even went as far as to say that if the streetcar were built, Christ Hospital would expand.

Following the meeting, Mayor Mallory explained that the city would reassess the plans. Look for more information about the project from



* The earlier 4-3 vote, was on whether or not to vote separately on the Cincinnati Streetcar issue. The final 6-1 vote accepted the recommendations which included stripping funding from the Streetcar.

5 Responses to “TRAC Pulls $52 million for Cincinnati Streetcar”
  1. Quimbob says:

    well, hell, if Tom Luken’s neighbor doesn’t like it…..
    And a real estate company? What the heck do they know?

  2. Barb Cooper says:

    Wonder why the Enquirer says it was a 6-1 vote?

  3. You ask, and you shall receive. Here’s more information complete with exclusive photographs from today’s meeting:

  4. JosCallinet says:

    Well, I guess the time has come to finally pull the plug on this streetcar. It seems that hardly anyone, including what appears to be the majority of the residents of Cincinnati itself, vocally oppose this idea. Now, that the state has pulled its share, It is obvious this project is never going to get off the ground. Thus, the time is now for the City of Cincinnati to return to the US government, the grant it was awarded for this effort, and ask that the money instead be used to pay down the National Debt. Paying down the debt is ALL our country should be spending its money on.
    I would not be surprised to see Governor Kasich propose an amendment to the Ohio State Constitution expressly forbidding any public taxpayer money from being spent on rail-based public transportation anywhere within the state. Given the mood of the electorate in Cincinnati and all across Ohio, I would expect that amendment to pass with ease.

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