Final Friday OTR Skate

Final Friday OTR Skate

This Friday April 29, 2011, is another monthly Final Friday. A new event, Final Friday OTR Skate, will also be taking place in conjunction with the regular Final Friday festivities. Far-I-Rome Productions created the event as part of their overall effort to create “events [that] bridge the gap between audiences and performers by bringing together the corners of our city for an experience that spans multiple genres.” Their past events include the Clifton Heights Music Festival and the Tune-In Park.

I spoke with Caitlin Behle, who is the Planning, Community Relations and Press Contact for Far-I-Rome, about the OTR Skate event. It is an adult Skate hosted at the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center and will take place during Final Friday from 8-11pm. Admission to the skate is $2 and

includes skate rental.

On hand will be DJ Dirty C and DJ Positronic, along with an art installation and video production wall by Such & Such (part of Losantiville, a design collective on Main St.). Taco Azul will also be parked outside for good eats.

This unique event is made possible through the generosity of DJ Dirty C, DJPositronic, Such & Such, Southpaw Prints (who screen printed the posters), and other artists and designers who have offered their services free of charge. All proceeds from the event will be returned to the OTR Rec Center, who can then reinvest that money into programming and services for the community.

Tim Heyl, the OTR Rec Center Area Director explained that 100% of the funds that are raised from this event go back in to offering services for kids and teens in the community. Money raised can be spent on restocking the gym with balls, bats, jump ropes, and other equipment.

Recreation Center memberships are $25. Of that money, $20 stays at the rec center, which is then reinvested in to programming, equipment, or staffing. As Mr. Heyl says, “The benefit of purchasing an adult membership at your neighborhood rec center is that it sends a clear message to everyone (CRC admin, City Council, etc) that you value what Recreation offers in your neighborhood. If no one values the service and no one purchases memberships, that also sends a different message to council (i.e. easier to cut). Even if you don’t have a particular interest in using these resources, most of us value that affordable recreation opportunities remain strong and viable in as many places as possible. I think the membership shows that support in a very strong way.”

Final Friday OTR Skate Details: 
April 29th, 2011
8:00pm -11:00pm
Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center
1715 Republic Street  Cincinnati, OH 45202
Enter via 1712 Race Street, one block south of Findlay Market – look for the brick archway

Performances by
DJ Dirty C

$2 (includes skate rental)
All proceeds benefit OTR Recreation Center

Food by
Taco Azul

Art installation by
Such & Such

Also check out Far-I-Romes website at:

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