Matt W. Moore: A Giant in OTR’s Midst

With remarkable regularity, something spectacular happens in Over-the-Rhine.

Matt W. Moore working on Clay Street in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati

I’ve been awestruck by the work of muralist and designer Matt W. Moore since I first discovered him.

He’s been in residence at YES Gallery on Main Street in OTR this month and his XYZ Axis exhibition opens there this Final Friday, April 29 6:00pm-11:00pm.

Matt W. Moore at YES

Instead of droning on about him and how much I admire his work, I’m going to direct you to a few key links and then share a few pertinent photos. Suffice it to say, I’m a big fan.

Matt W. Moore




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iPhone pics from Matt:

Madlove for Cincinnati art show and party at the Mockbee

This canvas and a dozen more will debut during Final Friday at YES:

4 Responses to “Matt W. Moore: A Giant in OTR’s Midst”
  1. visualingual says:

    Well, dang! I immediately recognized his work and then had to really think of why it’s familiar to me. This is indeed very cool, and I can’t wait to see the mural in eprson!

    • Mike Legett says:

      I love his work! I just moved here in October, and the first thing to excite me about Cincinnati was his top-hat man mural. I figure if that guy’s here, this city can’t be too bad!

  2. visualingual says:

    Mike, I think you’re referring to the mural of Jim Tarbell at Vine St. and Central Parkway, which was painted by Tim Parsley and a team of teen apprentices from ArtWorks.

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