A Tavola Pizza and The Cincy Haus

Vine Street has two new residents, A Tavola Pizza bar + trattoria and The Cincy Haus. Here are two photos of the new businesses in the 1200 block of Vine Street.

A Tavola Pizza, credit: Katie Clavey

A Tavola Pizza is opening sometime in the next week or so! Photo credit to Katie Clavey (find on twitter @KatieClaveyMMX)

And here’s an exterior shot of A Tavola and its neighbor The Cincy Haus, home to the popular heritage tourism group American Legacy Tours which operates several tours in OTR and Newport.

The Cincy Haus and A Tavola, credit: James Jenkins

Photo credit photographer James Jenkins

And Jean-Francois Flechet’s Taste of Belgium: The Authentic Waffle is set to open nearby too.

4 Responses to “A Tavola Pizza and The Cincy Haus”
  1. I could not be happier about Queen City Underground getting its own storefront space and expanding its offerings to include some touristy type merchandise for those on their tours. Great idea!

    • Ryan L says:

      I agree! Every city you visit has a ton of touristy stores to get souvenirs and I can’t think of another one in Cincinnati… Perhaps the Carew Tower?

    • OTR says:

      Yeah! Isn’t it great that heritage tourism is taking a firm foothold in Cincinnati/OTR?

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