Courtyards of Over-the-Rhine

When a gap appears between two buildings in OTR, a number of things could happen to it. It could become a barren parcel, a parking lot, a garden or it could be replaced with a new building. Plenty of such “opportunity lots” already exist in OTR and many have been put to good use, be it as sites for reflection or reverie.

This gem comes by way of the Over-the-Rhine Foundation:

“A quiet respite from urban life, Old St. Mary’s garden -pictured here from its entrance off Main St. – is a beautiful example of what can be created in the “missing teeth” in the OTR landscape. Let’s think outside the box, or rather the empty boxes, of barren urban lots and create a spaces for nature to express.”

Old St. Mary's Garden off Main Street, via OTR Foundation

The courtyard of The Famous Neon's Unplugged, via Margy Waller

Iris Book Cafe's courtyard

Nighttime at MOTR's courtyard

Urban Eden's courtyard (Main Street, OTR)

Urban Eden's courtyard (Main Street, OTR),via flickr user bousinka

Park + Vine's new patio on Main Street

For more courtyards in OTR, check out this gallery on Flickr.

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