Living History Dance Studio’s Grand Opening Today!

Today at 2pm at the Emanuel Community Center you can experience a Blues crash course in swing dancing! All skill levels welcome.

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Mike Legett taking 2nd place at a competition in Austin, TX

The following was written by Mike Leggett (picture at left in the photo below).

The Emanuel Community Center, Over-the-Rhine’s own Community Connector, has a new tenant, and they’re opening their doors with a vintage bang. The Living History Dance School will be hosting its grand opening workshop on Sunday, June 5th, beginning at 2pm. Sunday’s swing workshop will be a Blues Crash Course for all levels of dancers – including those who have never danced before.

“What makes swing dancing so special is that anyone can do it,” says co-founder Mike (the Girl) Legett. “You can be in college or retired. You don’t need a partner; you don’t even need rhythm. If you’re willing to have a good time, that’s what you’ll do.”

Recent transplants to Cincinnati, co-founders Mike Legett and Dan Rosenthal have taught all over the country and won many awards. But what drives them, they say, is social dancing. They want to bring back the charm of partner dancing, while keeping their classes fresh with modern energy. Living History Dance School’s mission is to bring the joy of swing-era dance and music to an audience that might otherwise never be exposed to it. In July they’ll be teaching Charleston, the iconic dance from the roaring 20’s.

If you’d like to find out more about the Blues Crash Course and the other dances they teach, visit their website at:

Living History Dance School instructors Mike Legett and Dan Rosenthal.

One Response to “Living History Dance Studio’s Grand Opening Today!”
  1. joice says:

    does the studio have classes in FL for boys age 4-6 y.o? or maybe you have link or know any studio listed here does:

    I need information of classes available and the schedules. Thx.

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