Mercer Commons, 3CDC, and 1314 Vine Street

Mercer Commons and 1314 Vine Street are in the news again thanks to the attention of Lisa Bernard-Kuhn at the Enquirer.

The entire article is worthy of your attention but this excerpt sums it up quite well:

But now, the 131-year-old purple building simply has to go, 3CDC says. The space at 1314 Vine St. is needed this fall to make way for the long-awaited Mercer Commons, a development of more than 150 new apartments, 30 condominiums, a 350-space parking garage and retail and office space. Nineteen historic buildings also will be restored on the three-acre site.

Preservationists say 3CDC has done good work – up to the point where the purple building comes down.

Here’s the building in question, 1314 Vine Street:

1314 Vine Street; photo credit:

A few old Sanborn maps show that 1314 Vine had bay windows at one time:

Overview of the east side of the 1300 block of Vine and the west side of the 1300 block of Walnut

A closer view

1314 Vine Street according to 1904 Sanborn Insurance Map

My in-depth look at 1314 Vine can be found here: The Fate of 1314 Vine Street and Mercer Commons

As you can see from this Google Map, 1314 Vine sits in the middle of a block of parking lots and vacant lots:

And a few renderings of the project:

Mercer Commons rendering

Mercer Commons, from the east looking west

More details on Mercer Commons in this quarter’s OTR Work Group report from 3CDC (view all here):

Ideally, 1314 Vine would be totally restored with its beautiful bay windows opening onto Vine Street and all new neighboring development would share its historic character but I doubt that’s going to happen with this project.

If 1314 Vine Street falls victim to progress, I’d like to see the cornice of it saved and reused somewhere in OTR. To lose it all without a trace would be the worst possible option.

4 Responses to “Mercer Commons, 3CDC, and 1314 Vine Street”
  1. Eric says:

    two things- OTR isn’t one of the most important historical districts in the US because of a single building or even a few buildings, its about the large collection of buildings all together. Every demolition destroys part of what makes OTR important. Thus, saving this building is important.

    second, the latest Mercer Commons design is, in technical terms, fugly. Seriously. If 3CDC and OTR fulfills its promise of revitalizing the area and getting in on heritage tourism and such, people will look at that building and wonder what the hell they were thinking. When it comes to new builds, 3CDC can’t seem to figure out what context means (see: Gateway Condos, the townhouses with lawns on Walnut, this, etc)

    • Seth says:

      Thanks Eric.

    • neilworms says:

      I really want to take a group of Cincinnati developers to Chicago to do infill right. I’m always appalled at how little respect is given to Cincinnati’s rich architectural heritage through the new developments.

      3CDCs infill is some of the better things being built in Cincy sadly 😦

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