Washington Park’s Progress

Washington Park continues to make amazing progress and stay on schedule despite less than ideal weather. Check out these photos courtesy of 3CDC. See updated renderings of Washington Park here.

Learn more about Washington Park’s expansion and renovation here. You can also find it on facebook, twitter @WashingtonPark, and flickr.

Imagine a heavily programmed public space like Fountain Square spread over 8 acres of park nestled among OTR’s most outstanding landmarks. That’s what the new and improved Washington Park will be like. When completed, the park will be a reinvigorated hub of neighborhood activity. And it’ll have a dog park and underground parking too.

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2 Responses to “Washington Park’s Progress”
  1. visualingual says:

    The “heavily programmed” part of this is what troubles me. I don’t want yet another public space in the basin to become a quasi-public space that’s overcome with tightly-targeted events. This area could use more green space that’s not programmed and just allows people some simple enjoyment without a carnival atmosphere. Fountain Square is only a few blocks away.

    • Seth says:

      Maybe ‘heavily’ was inappropriate. I’m not intimately involved so I don’t know. It will have events like many parks but it’s also 8 acres of greenspace so I wouldn’t worry too much.

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