A pleasant scene at Frintz and Mulberry

Frintz ends short of Mulberry but the Frintz Street steps continue up to Mulberry.

Thanks to Brittany Skelton for sharing her photo.

97 Mulberry Street, credit: Brittany Skelton

4 Responses to “A pleasant scene at Frintz and Mulberry”
  1. pat says:

    i used to live down those steps at frintz and peete back in the early 70’s the house’s did not look like they do now but loved that place

  2. This is a really excellent photo!

  3. Chris Woods says:

    I can remember when this was a steep ass hill you could drive up. Now it’s steps. On that note, in 2008-2009, I took a picture a day and posted it on the web. My first shot was this hill.



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