“Queen City” Reality Show Sneak Peek

The new Cincinnati-based reality show premieres tonight at 11pm on FOX19.  It’s expertly produced and the HD footage I’ve seen does an excellent job showcasing Cincinnati’s breathtakingly beautiful urban neighborhoods.

Here’s the opening sequence:

John Kiesewetter on Cincinnati.com has this to say about the show:

“Queen City” follows four women –  well-connected volunteer Tracey Lynn Conrad; University Club executive chef Lauren Brown; and marketing strategists Adhrucia Apana and Katie Cassidy — involved with  various Cincinnati nonprofits and arts groups, and having fun downtown. The goal of the show is “to make people aware of the nonprofits and charities, and the great things going on downtown and Over-the-Rhine,” says Conrad, who lives dowtown with her husband and 10-year-old daughter.

Learn more about the show at the following links:

Cincinnati State press release states:

The series is being produced by Paul Grundy, the video production manager at Cincinnati State, along with Steve Taylor, a Cincinnati State and University of Cincinnati (College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning) graduate who is currently an adjunct professor in audio/video production at Cincinnati State specializing in direction and motion graphics. Bobby Gayol, a former Virgin Records recording artist with the band “Moth” and a part-time instructor at Cincinnati State, will provide the original music for the show and assist with production duties.

Paul Grundy is the son of Terry Grundy who was the subject of OTRview IX. You can see Paul behind the camera at the top of this page. Both Grundys ought to be proud of their contributions to Cincinnati.

Finally, some photo stills from shooting can be seen here via a flickr user NewFlickrBobCS. Here are a few:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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