The Most Recent Mercer Commons Renderings

These come by way of the July 2011 OTR Work Group Report. Read more about Mercer Commons, the two buildings that may be demolished (1314 Vine and 1329 Walnut), and older renderings here. See all the renderings in this flickr set.

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And here is the Work Group’s Report:

7 Responses to “The Most Recent Mercer Commons Renderings”
  1. neil says:

    The quality of infill is a step above what Cincinnati normally gets….

    but Cincinnati normally gets some pretty cruddy infill. This is on par with about Mid-level Chicago infill, but keep in mind Chicago’s old neighborhood Victorian architecture (not downtown) is a step below Cincinnati’s. We should be seeing stuff that exceeds the quality presented here. Why can’t there be more like Trinity Flats, a bit modern but paying homage to the old with a bit more restraint.

    I love the fact this is a big project, but do a better job at making the buildings fit in with the Character of Over the Rhine. Probably the closest is Walnut Street, its not half bad, other than the Demolition of a building there :P.

    Here’s how a very similar building looks in Wicker Park Chicago for reference:

  2. neil says:

    Oh and Mercer street with the one old building really ruins the character. It makes the old building look like its part of a post-modern mess instead of a classic old italianate that can stand on its own.

  3. ross werner says:

    I too was wondering if the architecture of the new buildings is really appropriate for OTR. Looks more like the Banks buildings.

  4. Justin says:

    Gotta agree. The person who designed this building doesn’t seem to care much about respecting the context a building is placed in. They just want to make something modern and cool.

    • brittany says:

      At the next Planning Commission meeting, September 2nd, 9 am at 805 Central Ave, 7th floor conference room you can state this opinion publicly for the record. The Planning Commission right now is the first step in approving whether or not the building gets built as proposed.

  5. Justin says:

    And when I say “this building” I mean the glass one on Vine.

  6. brittany says:

    I posted this as a response to Justin, but this goes for anyone.. as a citizen of Cincinnati and as someone who cares about what happens in OTR, you have the ability to make your opinions known to the decision makers who have a say in what does and does not get built.

    There is a Planning Commission meeting on September 2nd at 9 am, at Two Centennial Plaza downtown (805 Central Ave), 7th floor conference room. 3CDC will be presenting the Mercer Commons proposal/proposed change in zoning for the parcels the buildings are to be built upon. Anyone from the public can sign up to speak; every individual who signs up is entitled to a 3 minute speaking period.

    At that meeting, the Planning Commission will vote on whether or not the zoning for the parcels of land where Mercer is proposed should be changed. (I can go into more detail on the zone change if anyone would like.) This vote was supposed to take place Friday August 19 (yesterday), but there were not enough members of the Planning Commission there for a quorum once this item was called on the agenda & one commission member had to recuse himself .

    Anyhow, if you would like your opinion to have more weight than internet commentary, clear your schedule and attend the meeting!

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