Before and After: E. McMicken and Walnut

Update: The source of this photo is the Cincinnati Historical Society Library website. The photo title is “Third German Methodist Episcopal Church, Northwest Corner of Lang Street and McMicken Avenue” and the photo date is 03/16/1916.

At the intersection of Walnut Street and E. McMicken Avenue:

8 Responses to “Before and After: E. McMicken and Walnut”
  1. David White says:

    The next best option, really. Who doesn’t love an all concrete, no-window work of art? I believe this would qualify as a BRUTALIST response to the neighborhood. Bummer…

    • Seth says:

      It’s sad that this beautiful church was lost, but there is still something to learn from the pic. Look how much better the building across the street on the corner (far right in the old photo) looks then as opposed to now. Wouldn’t take much to bring it back to its former glory.

    • Alex says:

      I attended the church that now stands there from birth until it closed in 2002. While it is not architecturally important its congregation has served the community well first by moving there from its own historical building (please read about the great Wesley Chapel that stood on 5th St. from 1831 until P&G built its new HQ) to serve a forgotten community in OTR. This included rehabilitation of surrounding buildings and the start of an important mission center (WCMC) which continues to serve children in the community in many ways and occupies adjacent buildings.

      Interesting note: the Third Methodist stone name/building date (in German) seen on the middle of the old church in the photo remains and is actually on the NW of Wesley Chapel. I’m not sure the public can access this…

  2. Chris Woods says:

    Unbelievable. Do you know when it was taken?

    • Seth says:

      I wish I could remember the source of this photo. I found it months ago on a library or historical society website. I would guess around 1910.

  3. Seth says:

    Update: The source is the Cincinnati Historical Society. The church is the Third German Methodist Episcopal Church, Northwest Corner of Lang Street and McMicken Avenue. Photo date: 03/16/1916

  4. Justin says:

    Pictures like me always depress me. So many great buildings destroyed.

  5. narker77 says:

    Does anyone know why the original church was demolished? It appears all the surrounding buildings are still there.

    I am a fan of this series and I think you may have an all-time champion with this one.

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