“Over-the-Rhine Tour Guide” by Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann

Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, the award-winning author, German-American historian and President of the German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati, has authored a new book titled Over-the-Rhine Tour Guide: Cincinnati’s Historic German District, Over-the-Rhine, and Environs published by Little Miami Publishing Company of Milford, Ohio. While I cannot review the book yet as its currently being published, I can attest to the author’s scholarship and familiarity with the subject matter.

Dr. Tolzmann will host the host the following book signings for Over-the-Rhine Tour Guide:

Also, for information on German Heritage Tours of OTR provided by the author, visit:

"Over-the-Rhine Tour Guide" by Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann

3 Responses to ““Over-the-Rhine Tour Guide” by Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann”
  1. Dman says:

    I like how he used that stupid arching structure that is in Pendelton, NOT OTR! That is seriously the most important / impressive structure to adorn the book jacket?! Rediculous…

    • Seth says:

      It should noted that the author probably did not design the cover and, for accuracy’s sake, Pendleton is included in the Over-the-Rhine Historic District by the city, state and national authorities.

  2. Aine H says:

    Dman, please use a spellchecker, because you obviously can’t spell words correctly on your own.

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