P&G Old Spice Loft Space in OTR

There are so many secrets to Over-the-Rhine, both new and old. The P&G Old Spice Loft Space is one of them. The gallery at 1423 Vine St. was recently featured in the following video by Soapbox Cincinnati and The Big Media Company.

In the video, P&G Associate Design Director Krista Jonesgehring explains that “being in Over-the-Rhine has really helped us [P&G] revitalize, rethink, reenergize the brand [Old Spice] and where we could go and where we could be. Being close to the community really helped inspire us, with the peope and the vibrancy, change and look at ourselves differently.”

But before it was dedicated to the Old Spice Buoy Bottle, this space (or one of its neighbors) served another purpose. If I’m not mistaken this is the same loft space that was used by P&G and Hyperquake for its Manifestation space.

Hyperquake’s website describes Manifestation this way: “Hyperquake and Procter & Gamble collaborated to create an inspirational space right here in downtown Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood inciting innovation in the Male Grooming category.” Manifestation, as in “Man“…get it?

The following photos of the Manifestation space are from Hyperquake’s website:

5chw4r7z wrote a post about it in August 2011. Here’s one of his photos:

So first was Manifestation, then it was Old Spice, what will it be next? Is it still being used by P&G? Regardless of its future use, 1423 Vine will always have a history as one of OTR’s most design-conscious man caves.

1423 Vine is on the far right of this photo of Parvis Lofts; credit: 3CDC

One Response to “P&G Old Spice Loft Space in OTR”
  1. Only disappointment was that it was just a show, and not something functional. It would be so great to see P&G innovate and try maybe a personal care stall or shop at Findlay Market or in the Quarter.

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