The Art and Photography of Marc Wavra

Marc Wavra is an artist and photographer whose work  resides at Studio 207 in the Pendleton Art Center. To view or purchase his work visit his website or facebook page, or better yet, stop in during Final Friday (this Friday) at the Pendleton Art Center from 6pm-10pm.

The following works showcase Over-the-Rhine. Wavra’s work is also available for purchase at Joseph Williams Home and Taste of Belgium:

The Lackman Bar

12th and Vine

Elm Street

View from Pendleton Art Center

5 Responses to “The Art and Photography of Marc Wavra”
  1. angie says:

    Beautiful and wonderful… I really like Marc’s work ! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jay T. Metz says:

    Takes me back to my life on Main and Walnut Streets back in the 90’s

  3. Tom Stein says:

    I’m interested in having Marc Wawrinka do my dog picture. I got your name from Christine Bender. I am Tom Stein. Contact meat 561-254-2544. Thank You, Tom Stein

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