Smart Growth America Interviews Mayor Mallory

Smart Growth America launched a new video interview series titled “Smart Growth Stories” with an interview of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory. The essence of the series is this:

Real people, real stories
Why smart growth, and why now? That’s the question Smart Growth America is posing to elected officials and local community leaders as part of a new video interview series, “Smart Growth Stories.” The series will highlight some of the most interesting and exciting smart growth work being done across the country.

In the nearly five minute interview, Mayor Mallory explains how a strong urban core is essential to the long-term viability of the city’s many neighborhoods. He also addressed the importance and interconnectedness of neighborhood business districts, walkability, transportation, and land use planning to the rebuilding of our city.

Rust Wire, the well-known megaregional blog, picked up on the story and had this to say:

Every time I turn around lately I am hearing something awesome about the city of Cincinnati.

The good people at Smart Growth America reached out to us recently as part of a series highlighting the work of some of the country’s most forward-thinking mayors. Among them is Cincinnati’s Mark Mallory, who is using smart growth as an economic development tool.

SGA says Mallory is really a national leader in this arena.

The streetcar, the revitalization of Over-the-Rhine. Cincinnati is really coming around. It makes me proud, even though I don’t live there, for some reason.

Cincinnati’s status as a city unafraid to determine its own destiny is growing every day, and others are taking notice.

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