Tilt Shift Cincinnati

One week ago, I shared the following video on facebook (via Randy Simes from UrbanCincy.com) with the tagline “OK, who wants to make a sweet tilt shift video like this in Cincinnati?”

And to my great surprise one week later, Justin Todhunter replied with “Challenge accepted” and posted the following tilt shift video of Cincinnati with the teaser “Just getting the hang of it. Better ones to come”:

Justin is the mandolin player in the band The Freddies (you know, like Jake Speed and the Freddies). According to the band’s website, he “strums and picks on the tiniest of little old mandolins.” Justin allowed me to share his video and also some of his tilt shift photos from the Carew Tower’s Observation Deck:

Another example of tilt shift videography comes via UrbanCincy.com which shared the following video of the University of Cincinnati’s campus by Brian Spitzig:

One last example of tilt shift, this shot from construction near Great American Ballpark in 2008 by way of flickr user Tropwell:

Tilt Shift Construction by flickr user Tropewell

Do you know of any other tilt shift videos of Cincinnati? Share them in the comments below, thanks!

5 Responses to “Tilt Shift Cincinnati”
  1. anniekerr says:

    Hello from Columbus, OH! I was just in Cincinnati with my son over the weekend, taking tilt shift photos. He forwarded your page to me this morning. Here’s a link to my flickr stream with the shots I got.

    pottery station bw

    Love this effect – it’s a lot of fun!


    • Seth says:

      Hi Annie- Those shots are beautiful, thanks so much for sharing!

      • anniekerr says:

        Thank you, Seth. I’m not a videographer, but your blog post is inspiring! Next time I’m in town with more than a couple of hours to play with I’ll have to see what I can come up with.

        Warm Regards…

  2. Boom Lift says:

    This is so incredible! Great pictures/videos! Tit-shift photography always amazes me, no matter how many times I see it.

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