Marta Hewett Gallery’s “Art and Soul” Lecture Series

The Marta Hewett Gallery was established in 1990. The original location was at 1209 Main Street, the first fine art gallery in historic Over-the-Rhine. The Gallery is now located in the Pendleton Art Center, also in OTR. This morning, it is presenting Eric Standley as its second speaker in its Art and Soul lecture series. More details are available via this news release.

Mr. Standley, who has developed an innovative technique with cut paper, will discuss his particular perceptions and working methods.  “Either/Or: Ornament and Obsession,” a lecture by Eric Standley, is $10/person and will take place on Saturday, March 10, at 10:30 a.m. All proceeds will benefit the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Center (CATC).  Refreshments provided.  Marta Hewett Gallery is located at 1310 Pendleton St., downtown at Pendleton Art Center.  Free parking is available.  Seating is limited.

It is no surprise that artist Eric Standley grew up in a household of engineers.  His laser cut paper drawings capture a complexity of space that defies traditional tolerance of the medium of paper. “My vector drawing is inspired by geometry from Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation in an attempt to capture a reverence for the infinite.  I am interested in the conceptual migration from the permanence and massiveness of stone to the fragility and intimacy of paper, as well as the merging of 12th Century aesthetics with 21st Century technology.”

Eric Standley’s mandala-like drawings are cut from separate sheets of paper using a CNC laser.  A particular pattern on one sheet of paper may take two hours to cut using the laser program.  Cut patterns on each sheet of paper are designed in order to reveal the color, line and shape below once the sheets are stacked.  The physical depth of these drawings range from 1” to 3” and incorporate hundreds of sheets of paper.  Standley developed this method of drawing over a two year period and continues to elaborate on the process made possible by laser technology today.

“I am dyslexic.  By constantly switching left and right hemispheres of my brain,” continues Standley, “I unconsciously separate an obsession with detail from a broader, holistic experience.  I reference Soren Kierkegaard’s essay Either/ Or as a metaphor for my recent work and my natural attraction to this paradox.  I consider my vector drawings to be an external result of the internal equilibrium between my meticulous nature and holistic observations”

One Response to “Marta Hewett Gallery’s “Art and Soul” Lecture Series”
  1. Matt Jacob says:

    Super cool designs. Art for the 21st century has finally arrived. Just think if they did this sort of stuff with layers of vinneered exotic woods (and robotic drills) or something similar with those machines that print plastics. The possibilities are endless…

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