Spring in Our Steps Cleanup III: Peete Alley at Vine Street

Spring in Our Steps has partnered with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to clean up Peete Alley in OTR at Vine Street this Saturday anytime between 9am and 3pm. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is providing supplies for the cleanup including gloves, bags, rakes, trowels, loppers, and SuperCans. The goal is to return Peete Alley to a walkable and beautiful corridor. Park + Vine is providing The Herbal Sage Tea Company iced tea to volunteers and $1 off drink coupons!

SuperCan locations, thanks to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Here’s a description of the event:

Here we are–the third Spring in Our Steps cleanup. It’s getting serious. This time, we’re partnering with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to begin returning Peete Alley to a walkable–and even beautiful–corridor.

We’ll be spending the day in a little known alley off Vine Street in upper Over-the-Rhine (The Northern Liberties, for your nerds). Driving, walking or biking Vine Street, between Mulberry and W/E Clifton, you may have noticed a huge dumpsite, straddled by a full block of vacancies.

We need dozens of volunteers to come out in full force, in order to make it worthwhile. KCB will send the Hamilton County Sheriff Inmate Work Detail to remove the large and dangerous items (mattresses, ottomans, carpets), Thursday and Friday afternoons. WE will spend Saturday weeding, picking up litter and recyclables, and making Peete Alley walkable again. KCB will also provide us with litter sticks, bags, and the infamous SuperCans we’ve been ogling over.

Stay tuned for food and drink. Coffee Emporium has been so great to us, supplying us with coffee for the past two cleanups. The more people who show, the more we can manage donations of coffee, beverages, food.

Let’s make this the biggest cleanup, this side of Vine Street!


The nearby Peete Street steps:

And the same scene as captured by noted Cincinnati artist Caroline Williams in the 1930s:

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  1. Had a great time at the cleanup! We had a surprise visitor too! Here is a link to the story.


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