Brewery District Heritage Trail to Become Reality

OTR Brewery District President Steve Hampton discussing Brewery Heritage Trail at Beer Barons Hall of Fame event at the Moerlein Lager House, pic via @hoperatives

As part of the OTR Brewery District‘s Master Plan, a coordinated strategy is proposed with eight main ideas. Two ideas are projects the Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (BDCURC) will implement on its own. Three of the other ideas will be achieved through partnering, and the remaining three will be encouraged by the BDCURC.

The 8-point coordinated strategy is as follows:

The OTR Brewery District is comprised of the most pre-Prohibition breweries in the country and offers an increasingly desirable environment for development as OTR’s revitalization spreads. Many American cities have heritage trails that spotlight the unique history of a region. Boston has the Freedom Trail. Kentucky has the Bourbon Trail. Fort Worth, Detroit, St. Louis, and New Orleans are a few cities with similar trails. The Brewery Heritage Trail is described in the Master Plan on the following pages (click for full image):

Here is a map of the Cincinnati breweries. Red is existing former breweries; green are current breweries; and yellow is demolished. (Click to be taken to the interactive Google Map)

Cincinnati Brewery Map

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