Cincinnati Streetcar Groundbreaking Photos

A truly historic day for Cincinnati. Do you have photos of the Cincinnati Streetcar? Join the Cincinnati Streetcar Flickr group here! Thanks to all whose photos are used in this post. Names preceded by an “@” indicate twitter usernames

UPDATE on Cincinnatians for Progress’s OEC Complaint Against COAST

I received this from Cincinnatians for Progress Today: COAST Demands Constitutional Right to Lie COAST today filed a suit in federal court in Cincinnati seeking to overturn Ohio’s law against false statements in issue campaigns. Last week, Cincinnatians for Progress filed charges with the Ohio Elections Commission  citing COAST’s use of known false statements in … Continue reading

Cincinnatians For Progress Files Charges Against COAST with Ohio Election Commission

Things have gotten even more interesting as today, Cincinnatians for Progress filed a complaint against COAST (Cincinnatians Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes) alleging that they “knowingly made false statements to affect the outcome of the Issue 48 election vote.” (The full press release is included below) These false statements include falsely accusing the city … Continue reading

TRAC Pulls $52 million for Cincinnati Streetcar

Following the public hearing portion of the TRAC Meeting today, the committee voted 6-1* to approve a spending plan the strips nearly $52 million in Federal-State pass-through funds which were originally planned to go to the streetcar. Speaking against the streetcar project were three people – Chris Finney of COAST, Tom Luken’s daughter, and Tom … Continue reading

Guest Post: The Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map

The following post was written by Nathan Wessel, creator of the Cincinnati Frequent Transit Map.  Nathan’s map serves the entire Cincinnati region but he wrote this post specifically for those interested in Over-the-Rhine. To learn more about this project and support it, visit Nathan’s video pitch on Kickstarter HERE. You can view the latest version of the … Continue reading