OTR Brewery District

The OTR Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (BDCURC) began the process of creating a professionally driven master plan in early 2011. The BDCURC hired glaserworks, Cincinnati architectural and urban design firm, to help create the plan. The mission of the plan is toTo learn more about the plan, visit the Brewery District’s website HERE. A detailed PDF of the plan can be downloaded HERE (23MB).

The following links show all the content from the Master Plan divided by category and uploaded to this site:

2011 Master Plan

The BDCURC has identified several initiatives as part of the master plan. They will pursue these initiatives in one of three ways:

  • BDCURC Will Do It – Initiatives under taken primarily by the BDCURC
  • Partnering – Initiatives undertaken by the BDCURC in partnership with others
  • Encouraging – Actions taken by others at the urging of the BDCURC

The Initiatives are:

BDCURC Will Do It:



You can be a part of this effort. With guidance by the Board, each initiative has a committee charged with research, development of detailed plans, and implementation. Visit the page for each initiative to learn more.

A calendar of the committee meetings for the OTR Brewery District’s master plan:

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